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Nick Gergen

I have known "Miss Mavis" for a long time, and have always been amazed to see the way she has changed and grown as an artist over the years. One thing that NEVER changes is that she always keeps creating. She made up her mind a long time ago that this is what she loves to do and it shows every day.FIND YOUR LOVE,follow your heart and BE HAPPY.


I had such a great time with all the art students in Mrs. Antho's art class. I really learned alot from the students. It made me think of things I had not thought of in a long time and made me really happy to be an artist. I am so happy to have you in my circle of friends. I am going to keep Mrs. Anthos posted on events I am doing so maybe some of you can come. I would love to see you again! I so hope you comment on the blog so I can keep up with you.


I enjoied alot of the things she said ,and how she told us the stories when she was younger that she was trying to catch the cat an d she called her cousins to catch it for her.And how she told the story of her cousin comming in a plane.


What I enjoyed about Ms.Mavis being here is that she inspired me becuase all her stories were so touching.I hope she comes again and shows us more of her artwok.
She is a great Fabric Artist!


I think it's cool what your doing.keep it up!


I enjoy about Ms.Mavis that she tells wonderful stories.


Ms.Mavis does and Excelent Job and art rocks


mrs mavis rocks


Doing fiber rock's I am glad you
came to our school. you have the greatest art of all the world.I love you mrs mavis.


you rock! that was fun when you was here your the best i think you will be good at that for your hole life you should give your self a hand on your back.


Mrs. Mavis you rock and art

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