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I've really ben trying perspective.I don't deny that it is very hard. I think 3-D is awesome!


I think perspective is cool. I enjoy drawing it sometimes even though I am not an artist. I think coloring and painting would be my favorite art activities.

Mrs. Anthos

Yes Allie--you are an artist! You don't have the be the greatet drawer in the world to be an artist. Allie, i have seen your artwork--you ARE an artist!


Thanks Mrs.Anthos! I really appreciate it. I never really have thought of myself as a really good artist. But I do enjoy art very much. I try very hard at all that I do even if I'm not the best at it. It's just like they say, " Practice makes perfect".


When I get in 5th grade I want to do some of those cities. But I can see that it will be hard work. Well I know that it will be hard work because it will be my first time. But when I know how to do it, it will be easier for me. I can feel that it will be very fun!


I think I like perspective and I would want to be an artist like you because you draw really pretty things.


I think is good to know how to draw portrait.

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