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I'm thinking about getting the water bottle and or the cd case.I love my art work.I wonder who hates there art work?


COOL!!! I was excited at first but now I am even more excited!!!I hope my class raises the most money. Keep up the great work.YOUR THE BEST ART TEACHER EVER!!!!


It is so cool that the square 1 art
is here you are so fun m.s. anthos you so good at drowing


It is going to be fun I might get mine soon i cant wait I will right you back.


I'a very exsited to buy some square1art!


Well, Square 1 Art is a wonderful thing for the art room and for the students at J.H.House Elementary. Some students probaly want to do this at home. but this program is great.


I am going to raise alot of money to buy something because i want my mom to have something with the picture i did on a bag


I loved sqare one art over the past 4 years!I remember the clock I got a year ago!


I really like doing the fundraiser every year. It is very fun all my friends go out to sell the things in the book. It is really cool to win things when you win things it fells really great. It makes my feel really awesome to be doing good things. I did not know the money of the things we buy goes to the art room. I did know it went to someplace. Thank you for telling me that it goes to the art room every time that we are going to do that I am going to thing of you and the art room. One of the things I like to do is see all the things in the fundraiser book.


Wow! Square 1 is the best!! It teaches me lots about art!!


Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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