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Bronwyn G

Hi Angel!

When I read your post I thought of the aphorism: "Racing is the sport of kings, and the king of sports."

This produced a whole of positive associations in my mind.

There is no doubt you are the heavyweight champion of this sort of writing! A champ among champs!

I like really short stories. They often work well for blogs. But they often leave me wanting more. Paragraphs can have five sentences in them, or even more.




i loved your post it was so cool you are such a cool bloger MWAH!

Mystery Person

you are the worst bloger in the whole world i will never ever come on this site again

Ruth Jolly

Insane satanists hack in to broadcast, computer, telephone & spy networks. They use weapons, rays or beams, ionising eqipment & change molecular structures & air direction. They exploit human brains, the autonomic & limbic systems & memory. They talk over people & 'brainwash'. They believe in possession by the dead & communicate with hell by use of tape "Memorex and delay" by 3 methods & computer. They are watching you & whispering. You are the opposite of what you are told. You may be clever, important, powerful & funny now but you are Already Dead.

I know the formula & recognize the symptoms & signs of the disease. The formula is a script, plot, code & puzzle, in songs, books, nursery rhymes, pantomimes, games & toys, e.g. The Bible, Alice In Wonderland, Monopoly, Ugly Dolls. The formula is very old & has been turned & twisted. It was used in the Moors Murders in England in the 1960s, the 9/11 bombings, the murder of Princess Diana.

It is very, very dangerous.



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