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I do not know any thing you said what does everthing mean.


I am answering her questions but my question sounded weird so sorry.


Good, fuck this webmaster, kiss my ass.
I am from Japan and also now teach English, please tell me whether I wrote the following sentence: "And that the country is sliding into a recession, unemployment rates higher than ever, it resume writing."

Waiting for a reply :(, Lemuel.

Ruth Jolly

Insane satanists hack in to broadcast, computer, telephone & spy networks. They use weapons, rays or beams, ionising equipment & change molecular structures & air direction. They exploit human brains, the autonomic & limbic systems & memory. They talk over people & 'brainwash'. They believe in possession by the dead & communicate with hell by use of tape "Memorex and delay" by 3 methods & computer. They are watching you & whispering. You are the opposite of what you are told you are. You may be clever, powerful, important & funny now but you are Already Dead.

I recognize the symptoms & signs of the disease, I know the formula. The formula is very old & has been turned & twisted. It is a script, plot, code & puzzle, in songs, books, nursery rhymes, pantomimes, games & toys, e.g. The Bible, Alice In Wonderland.

It was used in the Moors Murders in England in the 1960s, the 9/11 bombings, the murder of Princess Diana. It is very, very dangerous.

Ruth Jolly

Words & phrases from the formula are in this site. The site is diseased, you are diseased. The disease is the devil's disease.

The teacher, angel, ghost, rose, bees references are in the code. It is very dangerous, it is used by paedophiles, attackers, rapists, murderers, terrorists. You have been taken in & have 'got it' - the disease. You are a target now but may be a victim of real, literal & personal, crime.

If you have strong unwanted thoughts, about committing crime, self mutilation, suicide, tell the police, not a doctor. The insane satanists can be traced & binned.

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