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Bronwyn G

I'm sure Ms Henning will be pleased to read your post, if she does that. Encouraging teachers are worth their weight in gold, carrying on with your metaphor/analogy. Aren't Mr and Mrs Smith and Scary Movie 3 a bit old for you, or are you allowed to see them when you're only 13? We don't see mature movies in Australia until we're 15, and even then they are cut and censored. Do you like the Latino character in That 70s Show? I do.

Could you tell a bit more about your friends, or even make the whole post about people who have encouraged and supported you through your time at school and afterwards? Then you could make it into a time capsule of your life, Angel.

Mrs. Meeler


That is an excellent idea for a post! A time capsule of his life would help us see how he became the person he is today and who is responsible for helping him become that special person.

Angel - are up for the task?

Sure you are!


I loved how you rewrote your blog. I think it is much better than the other one. You come up with so much ideas. You are very creatative. Best Amigos 619

Anne Davis

I shall have to return and get you to podcast some more. You have lots to say and I have seen lots of improvement over the year. And I know you would do well! Your blog is so colorful and exciting. I got quite a picture in my head visualizing a gold time machine. I would like to have a magic carpet so I could travel quickly to many places. I would especially enjoy it driving back and forth to Georgia State so I could miss all the traffic! Where might you like to travel on a magic carpet?

I don't watch TV too much so I don't have a lot of favorites but one show I have enjoyed watching in the past was Boston Public.

Mrs. Davis


Angel I enjoy your story.


Angel I think your story was awesome

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