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Bronwyn G

I want to be on EG's side.

I'm sure some people will be on the tomato side.

Well done about this story, Angel! It was very exciting and thrilling. Lots happened in it. The writing congealed nicely, which means it was coherent. Everyone had a throughline and a reason to exist.

Mrs. Meeler

I'm definately on the E.G. side! I loved the details and idioms you included in your story. It brought humor and creativity to your writing. Keep up the good work!


Im on the E.G side. THat was a great story even though some stuff didn't make sense


I'm on eddie's side that story was cool and funny.

Bronwyn G

None of you are on the tomato side?


I really think Eddie is one funny guy and he is a great person.


I want to be in EG side because I think it is better. Because EG means Eddie Guerrero and he was a great wrestler.


I want to be in the EG side because I want to meet Eddie and get his autograph


I hope Iyou are in a better place eddie.


Angel I like the story and keep it up.


I think Eddie is a good player I despise Randy Orton more making fun of Eddie and Rey. John Cena will beat the mess out of Triple H. Eddie was sorry he lost John Cena and Rey he is sorry.


You can't see me eddie your time is now now.He is bad and sorry he lies, cheats, steals, but he always loses to good people you are so sorry like Chavo.

Bronwyn G

One person for the tomato side! Yay!

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