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Bronwyn G

I liked your interview and podcast. It was great. It was also good to read your opinion of being interviewed, and all the fantastic idioms you used to describe your experience. You did this with great detail. Some of the idioms, though, make you sound as if you were in big trouble, like the hot water one.


angel I like your weblog.


How can you rate something 619 style

Mrs. Meeler

Good question Jose Juan, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Angel can explain it to us.

I like how you said you felt like your screws were loose and you had to hammer yourself back together. But why were you in hot water? Were you in trouble?

Your post is very creative! You are doing a great job of using your word choices. Remember to use hyperlinks - you need one to wikipedia. And be sure to check your font so that it appears smooth.

Good job!


Eddie you are a living legend I can't to see you in the Hall of Fame. NOT

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