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Bronwyn G


I am not thinking of leaving you all just yet! When you go to middle school, I would try to come, if you all kept up your blogs that is.

I wonder if you saw the movie Nanny McPhee? There was this voice in the air which said, "The person you need is Nanny McPhee" and McPhee herself said, "When you need me and don't want me, that is when I stay. When you want me and no longer need me, that's when I have time to go." I want to be like Nanny McPhee in that sense. Also you may notice that many of my warts and pimples have disappeared, and now there are smiles and tears in response to what you students say to me. I am so happy that my comments have borne fruit.

Glad you have taken things on board.

No, I'm not going to forget Eddie Guerro, and I shall pass on the second question as it's about me. I don't like being gossiped about, so tell the truth but tell it kind.


Eddie sucks That is why he lost to rey and John Cena is better


You can't see me is better than I lie I cheat I steal


Hi Angel
By reading your title I now you are a Rey Mistereo fan and that you really like smackdown and raw
p.s. I think that I didnt spell Rey's name right


Know one will forget Latino heat.


I think Eddie was a great man.


I miss you homie. Viva la raza latino heat. R.I.P my homie. P.S. I wrote a song about you.The song is called Lonely. The reason I called it lonely is because I lonely without you my homie.


I wasn't afan. But I shouldn't be mean. So I miss you.R.I.P. Eddie.

Bronwyn G


That was really inspirational that you wrote a song for Eddie.


derick cenas cool. But if you ever say Eddie sucks again.I'll track you down and shove my foot up your ass!
Oh yeah one more thing.

Viva La Raza!!

Latino heat lives on

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