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Bronwyn G

I didn't cry. I laughed because it was funny that Melina threw a taco at you (Eddie). I like that it was the same taco that you threw at Old Man Buck.

Angel, do a little proofreading before you begin to write. It would have been great if you described a few of Eddie's signature moves (I did a little reading on him yesterday).

I like how you (Eddie) decided to talk with Melina.

I didn't feel that the ending was as strong as the beginning, mainly because there was no middle to keep us excited what would happen to Eddie. Maybe he could have fought some other people before he fought Old Man Buck? Was/is Old Man Buck Eddie's toughest opponent or formidable in another way? What does Melina look like? What does the house and bed look like? Put more of the five senses in it, especially to do with the taco.

And especially - what does Eddie think of Heaven? Why did he go there and not to Purgatory or Hell? What is heaven like (in your opinion)? You could draw a great picture of heaven.

Mrs. Meeler

Angel - Brownwyn says it all. Do you think you can add to your story to make it even better? I know you can! Are you up for the challenge?


I waould like to wake up with some lady and know she was my wife. I also would want to make some guy go to sleep and hurt him with a taco. But I hope my new wife I woke up with won't kill me with a taco.


Angle I really liked your bedtime story I wish you can tell me an other

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