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Bronwyn G

Angel, you have hit on something very close to my heart! I love legends with my whole heart. Yes, they did use storytelling techniques similar to the ones you want to use this year. They really tend to make stories stick in the mind and in your memory, and then pass them on to future generations. How would you like that, Angel? To have a tale told a hundred years later, like Ernest Hemingway's THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA.

How are you going to make pictures in your writing? Since I am not a visual thinker at all, this is the thing I find the hardest. I look at pictures in art galleries and I see the fine details, but seldom the big picture.

I think you did write one entertaining story already. I liked the one about the party, and how you weaved in the details. I would love to see at least twenty entertaining tales by Angel this year. (I think that's how many weeks until your school year finishes).

My New Years' Resolution is to read more so I get more information, sources and details for my writing. And to cite all my sources. When I was writing an assignment about the Trickster in April this year, I didn't have any sources. And also not to be intimidated by the expectations of university-level courses. That's right, Angel, if you go far with your writing and do very well, you could go to university and study it. (I go to Technical and Further Education, which is like American trade school/community college, but many of my professors/teachers have taught writing at universities, and I would like to go to uni one day, as a mature student).

Still, many people have learnt to write well without going to school or getting higher qualifications in it. Some have a natural talent, and the rest of us have to work hard. I'm glad you've decided to work hard on your writing, Angel, and entertaining us. I think entertaining the reader is the writer's hardest job, because very often a reader will switch off her attention if the book or whatever she's reading is boring. I try not to, because I think all words are important, and all stories are worth listening to, but sometimes it's an automatic response. And then a beautiful or entertaining or detailed tale jolts me out of my apathy. What stories inspire you and have worked that way for you, Angel?


My New Year's Resolution is to have a better additude with my parents.

Bronwyn G

Good idea, Rocio. I support that resolution whole-heartedly.

Treat your parents like they are human beings. They were young once and they might sympathesise with you about many things.

Also your parents have a life outside of you.

Lots of characteristics constitute having a good attitude to and with your parents. See if you can examine some.


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Hi,angel. I like your story.Christian

Anne Davis

Hi Christian,
I know Angel was tickled pink that you liked this story! He said he was going to use amazing words, exciting facts, and pictures to make his story interesting. How would you make your stories interesting?
Mrs. Davis


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