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Angel it is true that school is jail.We should get up at 1:00pm.youll acuse to testify before you break the law.


Did you know that people in middle school and in high school wake up later than we do. Thats because they needs more time to wake up. But thats not our fualt , so why do we get up earlier.


I think your right Angel. But not to 1:00 p.m, to 9:00 p.m instead.

Ron Williams

If you think that is early, I get up at 5:45 am every day. My school starts at 8:00 am but the bus gets to the stop at 7:20 am. So after a shower, e-mail check, coffee and breakfast, and talking to international friends for a few minutes, I need that much time.

Robin H

I totally agree with you. I have now chosen a job where I do not have to start until 2:30 pm. I can stay up late working on my correspondence courses for University. I also never worry about sleeping in and being late for work... :)
You will get to choose your own destiny soon enough. Until then, I suggest you get extra sleep!

Mrs. Meeler

Angel - it is very hard to get up so early morning after morning. However, I really enjoy having the afternoons to myself. If we started school so late, we would be here all evening. Then you wouldn't have time to do all the things you normally get to do after school. Maybe you should try going to bed a little earlier so that you aren't as tired in the mornings.


You are right Jhonny about jail. Don't drink the water,ka ka ka ka ka ka.


Jose maybe we wake up earlier cause maybe the school wants us to work in school.


You're lucky to wake up more afternoon. I wonder when I'll choose my destiny.


Man you have a short time of sleeping.I wonder what school you go to


You are totally right Angel! We shouldn't have to wake up so early! We should be able to wake up whenever we want to!


whats up!


Hey Angel,
I totally agree with what you said. I think that school starts way too early. I think we should start school around ten or eleven. I have a lot of trouble concentrating in the morning because first of all I am tired and second of because I still have the morning rush of having to wake up and get ready on my mind. Unfortunately I don't think this will ever change. I think that we are always going to go to school first thing in the morning. Now I have a question for you. If they do decide to start school later how do you suggest we make up the hours we miss?

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