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Hi Angel,
I sure don't want to waste my money but I try to make wise decisions about what I do spend it on. I like to spend money on gifts for my family and on items that help other people.

If I had to choose between money and good health, I would want good health. How about you?

Keep up the blogging!
Mrs. Davis


I would like to spend my money ,but then I wouldn't have any money left to give some to my friends.


It's ok now because you said you won't do that anymore.

Noah Kronemeyer

I think you and Karl Marx would get along perfectly. :)

I like spending money too, but not on frivolous items. Would you rather buy 7 candy bars that would be gone in a day, or save up for the Austin Powers movie that you could watch over and over?


Money is needed to survive in life today but it is not the most important thing in the world. If you have all the money in the world it still will not bring you happiness. Even when you have alot of money if you don't have your loved one's to share it with than what good is it. Don't get me wrong I would love to have money so that I could do what ever I wanted to but if I had some money I would give it to the Katrina victoms.

Joie Adele

Hey Angel! Austin powers kicks! Anyway, I would rather save my money. My family is having a tough time right now, so we need every penny, but life will go on. Keep up the good blogs!

Joie Adele

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