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Mrs. Meelerh

I definately don't want to sit on couch and watch on TV how people are suffering so without doing anything to help them. What are some ways that you suggest for me to help?


You are right about hurricanes they are devastating.


You are right about hurricanes they are devastating.I hate hurrices.


I think we can help by donating money or sending items to those who are in need. I also try to keep informed about other ways to help. We are having a book drive at Georgia State to send books to children and adults. What do you think is the best way we can keep helping?


I think we should send as many money we can find and make sandwiches for them.

Angelique Nomie

Hi, I'm a college student at Washington State University. My name is Angelique. People call me Angel, too. It is really cool to see what your teacher is doing with blogs, writing and current events! Rock on! It is so interesting to learn the your perspectives on the state of things in the U.S. I think there your statement that this is the worst year the U.S. is having has validity, and it is interesting to see what an actual student from Canada thinks about things that are going on here. You don't always get that level of honesty or that type of information in the news. Good job!

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