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Anne Davis

Hi Angel,
You had a catchy title that caught my eye! Do you think that forming an angry mob would be the best solution? What other ways could you get your point across to the President that might make him really listen? Have you ever thought about making a list of pros and cons on the issue of testing? Making a pros/cons list sometimes helps me solve problems. I can't wait to hear what you think! Keep on writing!
Mrs. Davis


Hey Anne Davis,yes Anne it would be good to form a mob because the presidant would have to give up making us do test.


Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. You wrote that adults don't have to take tests. That is not always the case.

Adults often have to take tests. I have taken dozens of tests since graduating from college to prove that I am qualified for the work that I do. This is called certification. These tests are very difficult, and I even had to study for them at home (homework!).

2. You suggest that tests are not required for "smart and intelligent people." I couldn't disagree more.

The point of most testing is show that you are gaining knowledge, not to prove that you are intelligent. Knowledge often outweighs intelligence, and testing is one way to show you and your teachers what you need to work on, and what you have mastered.

Not many people like tests. They can either worry you, or make you work hard. I hope you choose to work hard, and demonstrate through testing that you are both intelligent _and_ knowledgeable.



Test sometimes can be boring and not so fun, but we are tested so that we know how much we have learned in a certain period of time. I am in 12th grade and I am still being tested. Eventhough I have been in school for 12 years I still had to take a test to get out of school. I agree test aren't the best thing but did you know that your parents and teachers were tested too. Sometimes they just forget how hard it can be on students. Don't think that you are in this alone everyone goes threw it. But if I have to be the first I will tell you it is all for your benefit. Just keep your mind in the books and don't let anyone stop you maby one day you can be a teacher. You can make a difference and not give your students as many test. What do you hate most about test how hard they are or how many we must take.

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