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There sure do seem to be a lot of ways that people are being bullied. I know lots of people are forming groups to try to combat this problem. I think we all have to help each other. Have you ever seen an instance of bullying and were you able to help the person being bullied?

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Meeler

It seems as though people are at risk to be bullied in so many ways these days. Do you think technology is making this problem even worse?


Hey Mrs. Meeler and I do think technology is making it worse.Maybe we should try to use less electricity.

Mrs. Hooper

Angel, you brought up some really good points in your blog. I never really realized before that text messaging could be used as a form of bullying. I just have no patience with people who are bullies. They shouldn't be allowed to even use cell phones. I'm glad you brought this to my attention because I would really like to read some more about it.

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