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Mrs. Meeler

Angel - I can tell that you are going to enjoy this group as you get to write and blog about all the things that interest you. You mentioned you would rather write incursive instead of print, but would you rather type instead of hand write? I am so used to typing now that I have a hard time when I have to hand write anything!


Hi Angel,
I love your observations about writing. You made a good analogy and that tells me you are a good thinker, too. Writing helps me think better and helps me organize my thoughts. Sometimes I find it easy and sometimes I find it hard, but I always like it. Do you ever feel that way? Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Davis


Your writing was



To good!
Exelent, Angel!


Angel you are doing a great job of writing if you keep it up you will be a great writer.


I like what you write about.You are doing a good job in writing.

Ms. Roper

If you like writing then you are in the best place you can be Angel! JHH has some of the best writers in the world and they only get better after spending a year working on their weblog.


Thank you Oscar for keeping my spirit high.I'm sure you'll become a good writer some day Oscar.


Angel you are a great writer when you grow up people are going to come up to you and ask you to write for them


Angel you are doing such a good job! Keep up the good work!


Hi Angel. You did great.


Thank you Jason for keeping my spirit up and making me proud. I'm sure your spirit will go higher then mine.


I am really glad that you like to write. Keep up the good work .


I think you're a better writer than me Diana and I think you got more spirit than me.


you are a great person and great writer.


You are doing a great job keep it up.


I know I'm a great person and maybe you are too.

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