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Nancy McKeand

I don't like scary movies like that at all! I know I wouldn't be able to sleep well after watching that movie, either.

I am anxious to read what else you are going to post about this. I hope there is a happy ending!


Hi Adriana, how are you? Well,of course I've seen many scary movies. Like:The Grudge, Jeepers Creepers, Freddie vs Jason, The Amittyville Horror and many other scary movies. Although I never have nightmares. Have you ever seen a scary person? I have, and that is my sister, when she has NO makeup on. Believe me, its not nice.


Hi,this is me Adriana.I read that you don't like to see scary movies. I really love to. I just got a new scary movie. Do you now which one it is? It is the one, the only, "Wrong Turn." I love it! Since I got it I have seen it many times. I will write about it next time. It is so cool! I think that is a good idea.



I'm sorry the movie made you have nightmares. I don't like scary movies so I won't even watch them.

I really liked the way you started your blog. Describing the setting (Late one night)made me want to read more.

Remember to use a ? when asking a question.


I have seen this movie already and has scared me too. There are other movies out there trying to scare me and some of them are. My favorite scary movie is Admitvyle Horror.

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