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Betty it ust be so coool to have a twin sister. But it can also be hard because sometimes you can have a lot of disagreeements. That is how me and my sister are sometimes. If I have problems I go to her or my mom. And I also hate it when we are mad at each other it drives me NUTS.
The times that I like her the most is when she is asleep, it is like heaven. The other she is nice to me is when she is talking on the phone with her friends. She lets me do anything. I f I say "Hey Nancy can I dominate the world?" she'll say "Sure, do what ever you want"
I love having a sister and brother. Don't you?

Bronwyn G

That's really interesting what you wrote about your sister and you feeling whenever the other was hurt.

Glad you get over being mad quickly!

Nancy McKeand

Do you think you fight more with Betty because she is your twin or less?

Thanks for telling us a little about Betty and about being a twin. I enjoyed reading it.

Mrs. Meeler

The way you explained yourself really showed how close the two of you are -- especially when you talked about how you feel the pain when Betty is hurt.

Do the two of you look a lot alike?

Mrs. Anthos

yes--i would have to agree that you & betty look a lot alike. i have been teaching you art since kindergarten, and sometimes i still have a hard time telling the 2 of you apart! It sounds so cool to have a sister who is the same age you are. i am the oldest sister of 3, & when we were younger, we didn't always get along, especially since i am 7 years older than 1 of my sisters. Now we do, and we are really close. There's nothing better than having sisters.


I thought you and Betty never fight.


Hi, this is me Adriana. It is true all about my sister.There is something I have to tell you.It is that we felt what the other felt when we where smaller. Know we do not do it anymore. My mom told me that she could not keep up with us so sometimes my Tia Leti would help her at least I think it was her or any other aunts.Also because I have alot of people in my family. I think that you might be thinking who's Tia Leti.She is my aunt.My the way I am latina. That means I am part mexican and american and hispanic.


I can not beilive you.

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