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September 25, 2007


Anne Davis


You ask questions that are very hard to answer but I want you to know that I ask the same questions myself. It is so hard to understand why there is so much violence in the world. One thing I want you to know is that each day millions of children go to school and go to bed and their lives are full of happy and good things. All the good things that go on in the world go on without making headlines in the news. I wish we would hear more about those good things that are happening. These bad things do happen though. That’s why we have police, jails and laws to protect us from these bad people. I do wish that we could find ways to solve differences by other means than fighting (like in wars). One thing we can do is always stand up for what is right when we see bad things happen. I think if we try to help others and know that one person can make a difference. You are doing that now by asking these questions.You are making us think. I also like the way you signed your post with love. We need more love in the world! We will all work together to make a difference!

Mrs. Davis

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