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September 16, 2008


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Hi Ty,

You totally hooked me with your engaging first paragraph!! I had to read more! Great writing!!

I'm sorry your sister has serious health problems; I'm sending positive thoughts her way.

You have many favorite sports!! Is there one you could say was your most favorite?



Hello Ty!

wow! that is a very interesting blog.
Im glad you got to the final stage of blogging, and it didnt took that many years!

Your are a very active boy, because you like alot of sports. Do you have a really, really favorite sport???

Well I hope your sister get better.
How old is she???

Well talk to you soon!
take care!


Mrs. Grant

I also have a cat. Her name is Maxie. I am like you. I could have never imagined this thing they call blogging. They did not have this when I was in school (many years ago) I think it is great for you guys. You can meet so many people and learn so many new things. Keep it up.

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Tyler~

I was reading your blog and came across the most interesting thing-you and I both have a sister named Shelbi (mine spells her name with an 'i'). She is my twin sister...and we look pretty much the same. The only difference between us is that she is right handed and I am left handed.

I too like to go bowling-but I use the 8lb bowling ball. Its easier to roll down the lane...and I can get more pins down that way. What about you?

Ms. Roper

Hey Tyler!
Blogs are amazing. Being able to communicate with people all over the world is really cool.
My favorite sport is also golf. When did you start playing?

Ms. Meyers

I loved when you said you should have named your cat Baby. That made me laugh out loud! I also have a cat. His name is Kelly, which is kind of weird because he is a boy, and Kelly is usually a girl's name. The reason he has that name is because we adopted him and it was already his name. If I could rename him, I would call him Raccoon Tail because he has a striped tail that looks like a raccoon.


I don't understand why she sucks her tail like that but her name isn't Baby. Have you ever seen the comercial about the boy at Cristmas who's name is Kelly? He got lots of pink and dolls for Cristmas so he writes, "DEAR SANTA, KELLY IS A BOY'S NAME ,TOO." It's pretty cool that your cat has a racoon tail.


Dear Ty,
I think your blog is awesome. I like how you introduced yourself. Why does your cat suck its tail? Were the birthday parties fun?

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