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March 26, 2009


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Hi Landy,

What you said was so nice!!!! Thank you!!

And thanks for the comment on my blog helping me and my mom deal with the red bird.

I happen to think you're a great blogger too!!



Thanks for telling me I had grammar error because some people will not tell me that but you had the courage


Thank you! I really appriciate it. Did my comment help you take out the bird from your house?{:)

Again, thank you. Not just because you said I'm a great blogger. I thank you for all the comments you've made, and I hope you keep on commenting. Your comments make me smile and help me with a lot of different things. Thank you and see you in the next BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Landy
I like your card that you made its cool.But you need to post a blog to me some time but dont make a long one it will take me a long time so dont make a long one ok ok get got good.

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