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October 28, 2008


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Hi landy

Yes actualy I did read my post.I just might have over looked it.

Kristine Kostyniuk

Dear Landy:
It sounds like you had a really fun fall break. I always loved playing in the park. It is something I should do more of. Shopping is also something that I really enjoy. What are you favorite things to go shopping for?


Hi Kristine!

My favorite things to go shopping for are toys, of course. But you should be wondering what types of toys. Well, I like Brats. I wanted one this Christmas, but I desided to get something else instead.(I'm not telling you what. Sorry.)I like to shop for make-up too but only sometimes.I wonder what you like to shop for... I hope you comment me back and ask me more questions. Bye, and take care.


What park were you at.I don't know were a park is. Do you know were it is.That is all you did over FallBreak?

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