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September 23, 2008


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Hi Landy,
I hope you will enjoy blogging. I blog mostly about home learning because my kids are part of a DL (distributed learning) school.

Where is Quintanarro, Mexico? Is it eastern or western Mexico?

Mrs. Grant

All of this blogging is new to me too. This is the first time I have done it. I am sure it must be a really good way to meet a lot of new friends and find out things they like to do also. Good luck with your blogging.

Ms. Roper

Your family is correct. You are very sweet!
Blogging is so much fun. You will love it and I hope that helps you learn to enjoy writing more. It is fun to express your opinions and ideas for the world! Lots of people get to read what you think. But only if you write it!
Happy blogging!

Ms. Rikard

Landy! Isn't blogging fun? I know that you are really going to enjoy all of the fun things you will be able to write about. We didn't do anything like this in third grade, did we? I guess things get even cooler as you grow up! I can't wait to see your future posts!

Ms. Meyers

I'm glad you are enjoying blogging. You wrote about a lot of interesting things! That is kind of crazy that you used to walk to Kindergarten! Was it a long walk? I'm glad you have a bus to take you to school now. I can imagine that if it was raining, very hot, or very cold, it would be hard to walk all the way to school! Well, it was really nice learning more about you.


Hi Carolyn,
Yeah, I really don't know if Quintanarro, Mexico is east or west. I really don't know, but it's IN Mexico. That's a fact! I got a question for you. Tell me, how old are you? I want to know. I'm not sure if I told you how old I am. Well, if I did I'll tell you again. I'm 10 years old. My next birthday is until next year. (March 1) My year of birth is 1998. How about yours? If you don't want to tell me how old you are, atleast tell the year you were born.


Hi Landy! I'm 39 and on my next birthday, Jan. 13, I'll be 40! I plan on having a big party. I have 3 children and one of them is 10 like you.

We live in British Columbia, Canada.


landy i love your post about introducing yourself thought writing was boring. I love writting.dont you?why did you put (type) whene you were typing?every time in music everyobdy wants to be your partner whene we are doing that dance do you like dancing?ofcoarse ms frascatore commented to us exept me.(sigh). your friend graciela


Great post it was like an actual conversation


Quintanarro is not spelled like that. I just saw how it is spelled. It's spelled Quintana Roo. Sorry about that. Oh, tell me, if you have 3 kids, tell me there names & how old they are. Also tell me who is a boy or a girl. Well, only if you want to. Bye!!! I hope you comment to me back.



Hi Elijah,
Thank you for your comment!



I have 2 boys (14 and 10) and a daughter who is 6. They are all distributed learners. Do you have distributed learners in the States? Here in Canada DL (distributed learning) is something like homeschooling. My kids do their education at home but have online teachers who we send portfolios of work to and they grade it. Our DL School is called EBUS Academy and is based in Vanderhoof BC. About a 10 hour drive from where we live.


Hello Mrs. Grant,
Thank you for your comment! Today we are suppose to go to you for specials. You might actually read this comment some other day, so please don't get confused. See you next time!!

Your student,


Landy, I like what you said. Except for
(Would you like to meet LANDY? If I were you, I would)But everything else was good.

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