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Ican tell I'going to love webloggers.


I feel very cofident about weblogging. I think this a start of a new begining.

jose juan

At first I wasn't sure about being a webloger becuase I would miss out on a lot of work. But now I know it's worth it.


After reading the a weblog.I was glad to read it I cant wait until.I get to have my own weblog.


I feel very nervous but good.I never really liked wrting but now I love it, it is practiclly my favo rite thing now. I think that blogging is so cool, I might do it again and again,good thing i'm writing on the computer, if you've ever seen my writing P.U.!writing is cool because it shows just how cool I really am!


I feel exsited to be a web logger


I am glad to have read the web log. I can't wait till I have my own web log.

Anne Davis

Wow! What a wonderful beginning! I am so excited about this blog and look forward to following your progress! I want to tell the students that they have an exceptional teacher and they are lucky to be in this group. I know they will become bloggers who can "read between the lines" and "knock our socks off" with their writing! Go blogs! Go students!

Wilfred Rubens

What a great initiative!
I live in the Netherlands and I am very interested if the students like blogging during a long time. And if it is useful for your learning.
I wish mrs. Meeler and her students good luck. Best regards from the Netherlands.


Hi, Hillary and nice group

I´m a teacher, from Brazil, and I am also interested in the same focus, pointed by Wilfred: how far will you enjoy and "grow up" with this work. So, I will visit your blogs as often as I can.
Good job!
Regards, Iris

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